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Edmonton, AB May 26, 2011 7pm Fantasyland Hotel, WEM
Calgary, AB June 15, 2011 7pm Cardel Theater, 180 Quarry Park Blvd SE
The Millionaire Evening, New York City
Las Vegas, NV June 23, 2011 7pm Embassy Suites, 3600 Paradise rd
Vancouver, BC July 7, 2011 7pm Location: TBA
Victoria, BC July Location: TBA
Virginia Beach, VA July 9, 2011 7pm Location: TBA
Boise, ID July Location: TBA
Portland, OR August Location: TBA
Salt Lake City, UT August Location: TBA
Sydney, Australia September Location: TBA
Melbourne, Australia September Location: TBA
Toronto, ON October Location: TBA
Phoenix, AZ October Location: TBA

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